Monday, October 4, 2010

EIFF Week: Our Own Backyard

I saw eight of the short film offering that played on Saturday’s “Our Own Backyard” feature. Each of these films were created in Alberta by Albertans, and I present a two sentence review of each; one synopsis, and one summation.


A woman faces her brother’s killer after his release from prison. Convincing drama created using only two people in a restaurant.


People get folders that tell them to kill people. Well shot, but not enough story to keep me interested.

The Liminal State of Decay

Whoa, art film. It’s a metaphor for a guy who hears his next door neighbors having sex, and he goes crazy and kills them... or something... what?


The unglamourous lives of Edmonton-area drug dealers and their customers (satisfied or otherwise). A good example of using slow pacing to build tension.

Full Speed or No Speed

School project film following local metal band, Striker, as they finish their debut album. I’m guessing this is an experimental film, and the experiment was to see how boring you could possibly make a documentary on power metal.

Escape From Death Planet

There is a planet of death, of which an escape from is attempted. Imagine every sci-fi horror movie ever made distilled to its fundamentals and presented in exactly seven pleasantly succinct minutes.

The Road to Tubby Dog

Cover band “The Remones” goes on the first world-tour from Edmonton and Red Deer. A documentary parody that works, thanks to the hilarious band members.

Wrecking Ball

Animated film involving a wooden puppet bartender imaging himself murdering a pair of bar patrons. Giving the patrons Quebecois accents was weird, but the music was cool.

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