Saturday, October 23, 2010

Potential Movies Based on Social Networking

On Monday I spotted a link for Untitled Teen Social Networking Thriller when I was doing my “The Social Network” review. I couldn’t get the idea of some sort terrible Facebook movies out of my head, so I now I’m sharing them with you, suckers. There are two ways you could go with this, either a movie based on people that use Facebook or a movie based on the features in Facebook.

A Friendly Face

Socially awkward Stan Bergowitz is a college freshman who wants to impress his new friends by showing off his hot, but completely fabricated, girlfriend on Facebook. It’s easy make a fake account, but where could he get pictures that aren’t on Google images? In the college library he finds a school yearbook from the 80s and, with a scanner and photoshop, creates a girlfriend. Stan’s friends don’t believe him and call him an idiot, until she starts instant-messaging. Problem is, Stan has no idea who got into this account, and his fake girlfriends starts making very strange demands. When his friends start turning up dead, Stan realizes his new girlfriend just may be a bit too high maintenance for his liking.

Facebook Movie

From the “comedy” factory that brought you the “hilarious” “movies” like Super Hero Movie, Disaster Movie, and Scary Movie, comes “Facebook Movie.” Some guy is using Facebook for a little bit and then a whole bunch of unrelated Internet memes, fart jokes, and movie parodies string along for an hour and a half of your life that you’ll never get back. Ever.

Movies that are based on Facebook applications:


Mild mannered programmer Lars Preskin stumbles upon a conspiracy to put mind control drugs in the city’s orphanages. His attempts to warn the public put in the cross-hairs of a powerful drug syndicate that have him thrown into an experimental vat of boiling Internet. Forgotten and left for dead, Lars Preskin is reborn as Superpoke, the hero with the ability to mildly annoy anyone, anywhere on Earth.

The Farmville Horror: Based on True Events

After her family moves to a farm in the suburbs of Long Island, city girl Felicity Clemson immediately resents the drudgery of farm life and the eerily welcoming neighbors. But as she begins to accept her new circumstances, a string of unsettling events lead her to believe that her new home is haunted. At first these mysterious happenings are beneficial; crops seem to harvest and fertilize themselves. But when apparitions begin visiting at all waking hours, offering gifts and inviting her family to farm forever, Felicity must find a way to break the curse of Farmville and save her family, or be trapped in the ethereal harvest forever.

Mafia Wars
A shot for shot recreation of “The Godfather Part 2” only with orange-skinned, ‘roided out guidos and guidettes instead of classy gangsters.

But Facebook isn’t the only social networking community out there. Here’s some movies based on other services:

Ping! The Musical

When the worlds most obnoxious Apple fanboy falls in love with the worlds most pretentious independent music fangirl, all of their friends object to the pairing. But love, much like Ping, doesn’t need a reason to exist. It just does. An adaptation of the 1996 movie “Romeo + Juliet” by visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann.

Google Buzz

One company has nearly cornered the market on digital communication by streamlining your online activities. Overnight, the world of Harriet Jacobs is turned upside down when her entire contact list and Google Reader history is shared with her abusive ex, Flint. Can she opt out of Google buzz before Flint tracks her down, and how can she stop the constant wave of incoming anonymous followers? Oh wait, that entire thing actually happened in real life (NSFW Language). Freaking Google Buzz.

Got any good Social networking movie ideas? Leave a reply!

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