Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Does The Incredible Hulk Have in Common With a Shrimp?

So you’ve got the Incredible Hulk, right? Scrawny scientist guy that turns into a huge monster when he gets angry. So what are the Hulk’s powers? He’s super strong, has super healing (sometimes), can jump across continents, and for those pesky villains that are smart enough to stay just out of reach, he’s got his super clap. 

The Hulk Clap is pretty handy. He can hit foes from a distance, or use a powered down version to clear a whole bunch of lesser enemies. But did you know that there’s an honest-to-goodness creature in nature with the same ability? Of course you didn’t, because you have a life and a girlfriend. So let me introduce you to the pistol shrimp.

Dig those classy shotgun sound effects. In short, the pistol shrimp snaps its claw shut so fast that it can send a shock wave at prey from a distance. So the pistol shrimp has the powers of the Incredible Hulk. But has the Hulk ever used, say, a pistol? Eh, sort of.

In the 90s the Hulk was given leaf blowers on steroids guns because it was the 90s. He also got a sweet-ass tank top and some bunny slippers, but I can’t fault him for that. If I was that big, I’d wear my slippers everywhere.

Fun fact: Originally when I was trying to figure out a name for my blog, I wanted to go with pistol shrimp. I reckoned that name had a built in mascot and everything. But that name was taken by some a-hole who’s just sitting on the domain. Jerk.

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