Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Comics You Should Read: Runners by Sean Wang

Sean Wang’s Runners Vol 1. Bad Goods

Runners (art and words by Sean Wang) is the sci-fi action/comedy chronicling adventures of the freighter Khoruysa Frimia and her crew of smugglers, former pirates and rascals. I think I’m the 72,329th Guy On The Internet(TM) to make the following comparison, but I do so because it is apt: Runners is as fun as Star Wars used to be. I’m talking Episode IV fun, nerds. There’s an excitement and velocity to the story that is hard to come by. Sure, smuggling has been done before, but Sean Wang’s story of smuggling is backed by a lush and full universe full of cool technology and believable galactic politics. The characters are developed and fascinating, the action is intense, and the dialogue is superb. In most science fiction I’ll settle for dialogue that is merely not painful, but Wang uses words as deftly as he does art. 

And oh, what art it is. Designing interesting aliens is a valuable skill, and drawing facial expressions is something that some professional artists, can’t get down. Wang has created dozens of unique alien races, and is able to clearly communicate emotion through both facial expression and body language. His backgrounds and space ships are beautifully detailed; it’s easy to get lost in a single page studying tiny details like menus at a restaurant and individual gadgets on a tool belt.

And did I mention that this book is 100% free? That’s right, foolish Earthlings, free! Wang put the entire first volume up online, and is currently releasing the second volume (in resplendent full colour!) one page per week. The only reason you would not read this book is if you hate fun. You don’t hate fun, do you? I didn’t think so.

The only downer is how long it takes for the full book to be done at one page a week. Vol 2 Started in November of 2009, and it’s still around 30 pages from completion. That puts the next graphic novel out sometime next... August-ish? But it’s worth the wait. Check out the Runners archives and then buy the book to support and artist.

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