Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie Review: Tron: Legacy

Set decades after the original Tron, Tron: Legacy is the story of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) -- a brilliant slacker/prankster content to live off of the inheritance of his missing father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). But when Sam becomes trapped in the virtual world of The Grid, he must survive the trials of the games and escape the wrath of the tyrannical Clu (also Jeff Bridges).

There are a few logical leaps in the story, but nothing so gaping that it takes away from the film. I managed to watch the original Tron for the first time the week before legacy opened, and if there one that I wanted from Legacy is for it to be a bit... well... goofier. Kevin Flynn is a outlaw tech hippie turned Zen dude, and he brings a much needed levity to some of the heavier moments in the film.

A large hurdle to overcome in order to enjoy this movie is seeing CGI Jeff Bridges in the role of EVERY young Jess Bridges. Come on, Hollywood. I know what you can do with makeup. CGI Jess Bridges in the role of CLU is spot on because it ties into the themes of perfection and the pursuit thereof. A CGI human could be 99.99% perfect and we could still that something is off. However, CGI Jeff Bridges as Flynn, talking to his son in the 80s and hanging out with Tron on the Grid, just seems disturbing. Fortunately, Bridges is a strong enough actor to play not only two characters, but two characters in two time periods with different motivations, and do it convincingly.

Of course, the Daft Punk soundtrack is spectacular, as is Daft Punk’s cameo. I like to think that the guys didn’t even need costumes, that they just walked on set in their helmets and jumpsuits and started working the turntables. It’s fitting and intense, and every time the soundtrack reverted back to typical action movie 16th notes I found myself wishing for more Daft Punk.

I’m not sure if this movie will stand up to repeated viewings, but Tron: Legacy definitely worth checking out while it’s still in theatres. As Zen Kevin Flynn would say, it’s a trip, man.

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