Saturday, December 11, 2010

Webcomics You Should Read: Dr McNinja

I love webcomics. I love that they are free to peruse. I love that they are creator owned. I love that they aren't shackled by publishers or by distribution. If you've got a zany idea and a website, you suddenly have a webcomic.

According to a recent survey, there are currently infinity-zillion webcomics in existence, with about 1000 of them updated regularly and about 100 of those worth any of your time. I don't want to stop you from slogging through the mire of the thousands of webcomics in existence; half the fun of webcomics is finding one that speaks to your taste. Rather, I want to highlight my favourites and let you judge them, and then judge me for liking some of the stupider ones. Way to judge me, guys. Thanks.

Today we will be looking at a ninja who is also a doctor. Or is he a doctor who is also a ninja? Gorillas and gentlemen, I present to you, one Dr McNinja.

The titular character Dr McNinja was created by Christopher Hastings. Hastings writes and draws the comic, and has been doing it like crazy since 2003.

The good doctor's skill at saving lives as a physician is rivaled only by his skill at taking lives as a ninja. This often leads him to an internal struggle, which at one point manifested itself into a split personality during a near-death experience.

Dr McNinja also has one of the best supporting casts in comics. His receptionist, Judy, is a gorilla. His mentor is a clone of Benjamen Franklin. His ward is a 12 year old mustachioed gunslinger named Gordito. He can ride a velociraptor named Yoshi. You see that skeleton guy in that comic above this paragraph? That's not Death. That's the waiter at the restaurant of purgatory. WHY AREN'T YOU READING THIS COMIC YET!?

Dr McNinja is such an enjoyable character to follow because he is proficient enough to best any challenge that comes his way, but fallible enough that he can be surprised by a snake or captured by pirates. His defeats are as entertaining as his victories.

Dr McNinja updates Mon-Wed-Fri, and has a very organized archive. Take a day off of work and read it through.

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