Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie Review: True Grit

Oscar nominations are in, and you may find yourself wanting to chat around the water cooler about some of the niminees.You already know what I thought of The King’s Speech and The Social Network, but I only got around to seeing True Grit yesterday. If you’re in Edmonton, like I am, you need to fight -25 degree weather and third-world quality roads to get to a movie theatre. That’s a major hassle.

If you don’t want make the harrowing journey to a theatre, but still enjoy film conversation, here’s how to talk about True Grit and its Oscar nominations to your friends at the office without actually watching it:

Non-Spoiler talking points:

  • “True Grit is one of the best pictures of the year!”
  • “Jeff Bridges was amazing as the leading man!”
  • “Hailee Steinfield is an amazing new actress in a supporting role!”
  • “The art direction in True Grit was amazing!”
  • “I was amazed by the cinematography in True Grit!”
  • “The costume design filled me with amazement!”
  • “The Cohen Brother’s directed True Grit amazedly.”
  • “The sound editing in True Grit, amazing it was.”
  • “True Grit... sound mixing... amazing.”
  • “The writing in True Grit’s adapted screenplay was amazemoriffic”

If spoilers are allowed around your water cooler, use these talking points (highlight to read):

  • “Oh my God they killed the horse!”
  • “Matt Damon is sexy with a mustache.”
  • “Seriously, they killed the horse.”

That’s what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thought about True Grit, and you don’t want to disagree with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences around the water cooler. That’s how you loose friends.

Personally, I thought True Grit was a boring as hell, unimaginative, straightforward textbook revenge flick in cowboy boots.

And that’s why I have no friends.

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