Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Continuing Adventures of NBC’s “The Cape” - Razor

“Razer” is a lot more straightforward than the last two episodes. Gang warfare has escalated between Scales and Fleming, with a shootout taking place right in Trip and Dana’s neighborhood. Scales is trying to muscle in on Max’s territory, Trolley Park, by beating up Rollo and hiring a mysterious Australian bomber named Razer to flush Max out. Nobody in Scale’s gang had ever seen him face to face, so Faraday and the gang intercept Razer’s car, kidnap him, and replace him with Faraday. This means that half of the episode is Faraday undercover and speaking in a hilarious Australian accent.

Meanwhile, Orwell isn’t doing so great. She’s distant, sluggish, has no snappy comebacks and is wasting time on the computer:

It seems there are some residual side effects to the Lich’s zombie drug. Also, Fleming is seeing his shrink about Chess; it turns out he has something of a split personality, and Chess has been whispering to Fleming at inopportune moments.

Of course, the highlight of this entire episode was the scene were Scales gathers his goons and the incognito Faraday around a table and reveals...

...cake. Not even a poison cake. From what I can gather it was a normal, red velvet cake. It looked delicious, too. He gives a piece of cake to each of his goons for their accomplishments, until he reveals that the real Razer has contacted him, calling out Faraday with the line, “No cake for YOU!”

It’s insane, and I can’t possibly make fun of this. There’s no way a group of human beings were sitting around a writing table and saying to themselves “this is going to be the most dramatic and visceral sequence in television.” They were saying, “Hey, we’ve already got Vinnie Jones in reptile make-up. You know what would be radical? If he served his cronies cake. Let’s go nuts with this.” And nuts they did go. They beat up Faraday, torture hm for a bit, and Max comes in and saves him. This is the sort of over-the-top, manic intensity that I like in my cheesy serial action shows.

Next week is the season finale, “Endgame,” which also has a good chance at being the series finale as well.

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