Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's 2011 Roundup

April 1st is the best day of the year to be on the Internet. The only thing better than the ridiculous pranks that news sites put up the the legion of indignant hipsters that make a huge deal about hating April Fools' Day. So here's a list of my favorite gags from this year's April Fools.

Minecraft Store - A parody of Steam's Team Fortress 2 store, the Minecraft store's best moment was when you hit the checkout button.

Believability Level: Low. It used the same font as Team Fortress 2.
Production Value: Medium. Wasn't expecting the clever girl to jump out like that.

Google Motion - Google introduces the keyboard free Internet. Control your mail with hand gestures!

Believability Level: Low. Too silly to be real. 
Production Value: High. Looks like a legitimate video. 

Believability Level: Low, because a play can't come alive and eat people. Hopefully. 
Production Value: "When reached for comment, Bono told a reporter "He comes" and then turned into thirteen snakes before slithering away." I loled. 

Star Wars: Old Republic Wookie Localization - Bioware's next project will support the wookie dialect of Shyriiwok. 

Believability Level: Medium low. Stranger thing have happened. 
Production Value: Medium. Good article with some pictures for support. 

Halo Dance Central - Microsoft will be releasing a Halo edition of Dance Central. 
Believability Level: Medium. If that video had been released a month earlier, I would have believed that it was a working Kinect hack. Again, stranger things have happened. 
Production Value: High. 

StarCraft Motion Overdrive - Control your game without keyboard or controller! Starcraft for the Kinect!
Believability Level: Low. There's no way this could be real because it would take at least three Atlantans to beat one Korean. 
Production Value: High. Video looks pretty cool

Here's looking forward to next year! 

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