Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back Issue Alphabet: Q is for Quasar #3 of 4 (2007)

Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar # 3 (Christos N. Gage, Mike Lilly)

The cover features the star of the book, Phyla-Vell, kneeling pensively while offering up a quantum energy sword. It isn’t very indicative of the events inside the book, but it does represent the character of Phyla; stoic and noble.

Quasar #3 has an introductory page that is almost a novel in itself. It summarizes the events of Marvel’s cosmic crossover series, Annihilation, and the two previous issues of Quasar. Let me just say that I am all in favour of strictly text catch-up pages. Having characters stand around for an entire page awkwardly recapping past events has never been nor will it ever be an effective storytelling device. So right off the bat, I’m liking Quasar #3. This particular issue involves Phyla-Vell, and her lover, Moondragon, fighting back hoards of Phalanx warriors and searching for the Kree Savior.

This, my friends, is how heroes travel between planets:

My God--it’s full of lens flares! If you think that picture is awesome, you’re probably a fan of sprawling space-opera adventure. If you think that picture is silly, just walk away. It only gets radder from there.

This issue also features my favourite phrase in comics:

“Enough!” That’s followed up with a two page spread of Phyla taking out an entire Phalanx army.

I liked Quasar #3, and if I had picked it up randomly in 2007, I would have sought out the preview two issues and followed through with 4 of 4. I am, however, a total sucker for an epic space fantasy, so your mileage may vary.

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